SoulCast Disabled Account

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Today I went back to this blog after years of MIA (Missing In Action) but I found out that all my posts “was gone”

I logged in and found all the posts still there but with the word “Hidden” planted in front of each posts. No wonder I did not see it publicly when I came back here. According to the information on the blog, it stated that my last post was made on Jun 4, 2007. Wow! That was more than 4 years ago!!

I try to disable the hidden words but it seem that I am unable to do anything about it. I clicked on the “Create Post“, “Edit” and “Edit my profile” All those clicks lead to the display of the messages below.

Account has been disabled as SPAM was detected. Let us know if this is in error by sending the SoulCast user a message.

I guessed I have been locked out by the Admin. :(

Well this is the problem of having free blog site. You are not in control. The admin was the one 100% in control. They can removed all your posts whenever they want, which ever they like. If they did not remove the contents (which was lucky for me) they can still bar you from editing old or creating new contents.

What I don’t understand now is “How can I spam when I have MIA for years?” Or what the admin mean is….  that, there are other people spamming SoulCast so they have to disable this account? No matter what the reason, I can only logged in and view the “Hidden” posts internally. I have sent admin a message to clarify this matter but they never response.

What I can do now is to to “copy and paste” all my posted blogs at Soulcast to my blogs here. You can read most of my posts at the pages of this blog.

You may have wondered how do I get started at Soulcast at the first place?

When I am still hold the ownership of (in 2006) I have started off with my adsense account. The traffic to my site was a miserable one. So it is impossible for me to earn through adsense click.

In order to expand or getting more traffics to my site, I did some research on Google search engine and just by coincidence I happened to bump into Soulcast.

SoulCast is a free, online global community where you can get paid to blog without constraints in full anonymity.

Why join SoulCast?
Blog without constraints for FREE Joining SoulCast is free. You get to blog anonymously–uncensored and without constraints. Write about your life and receive real feedback from people who get you.

Read extraordinary blogs
Sign up and read about the stuff you can’t find on other blogging sites. Read blogs about sex, politics, gossip, scandals and more that are unfiltered and uncensored.

What impressed me that moment was Soulcast allowed me to enter my own Adsense ID in the blog. I guessed “Why not?” and giving it a try. When I lost, Soulcast still send some traffics that generated some clicks for my Adsense account. The amount of traffics that converted to clicks have generated a small amount of money (which is better than nothing.)

Over the years I have almost ignore this blog (SoulCast) until recently I found it back again. That was just after I managed to re-purchase back So when I re-visited back to the SoulCast blogs…. (You have read what have happened above) :(