Finally Bought Back This Domain

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History of was registered by myself for free on year 2000. At the same year I managed to get free hosting place from a local company. Since it is new in business, they decided to let me host in their server for free as part of the promotion.

In year 2001, the web site that have gave me this domain name closed down and I was forced to purchase it with another reseller….. That is if I still want to keep the right of owning it.

The company that have offered me the free hosting also have started to charge me for renewal fees. This was due to the rising cost for them to maintain the server hosting business. Since this is my 1st registered .com name, I decided to go ahead with both renewals.

As the years goes by I continue to renew it until finally one day…. I LOST it! This was due to system on the reseller site not able to accept my credit card. Actually, the fact is… I can send them a cheque but I just did not do so. Later this domain name was bought up by other people and finally on the 02-10-2011 I managed to bought it back! Yaa… Hoo! I am so happy with it.

Now, I hosted it on the same place (or server) from where I have bought the domain name. While browsing around their services I have noticed that they also offer a market place where owner can sell the domain name.

For the fun of it :) I put up at the market place for sell at USD 1000. I just want to see if anyone willing to buy it at this price? You might ask, after so hard to get it back, why put it on sell again? Well… my answer is if there is a buyer… why not? Beside that, I can made a huge profit out of it (based on the currency exchange)

Let assume… if this transaction a success, this might be the first turning point for me to get seriously involve in buying-selling domain names as another source of income. Since I never did this yet… to me it is no harm to try as everything there is always a first time. :yes:

If no one interested, I don’t loose anything anyway as I can kept this domain name in order to help me to generate other income online. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

Now let [check] for your desire domain name(s) now! Who know… you might have the chance and luck (like myself) to find back again the domain name(s) that you may have lost ownership, due to failure to renew it.

If this can happen to you… it can happened to others as well. When they failed to renew it, this might be your great chance to get it back again. As for myself, by the time I have lost it, I never ever thought before that I can get it back again. But sometime miracle can happen and it already have happened to myself!

Good Luck ;-)