Do you own a market or the market own you?

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Have you ever really think about this before?


  • ohtidak said Aug 28, 2006

    your question is too general..

  • step128 said Aug 31, 2006

    Yes … it is very general that no one have ever thought of it or even bother to think about it. This the reason why working people are more than business people. Working people in genaral are own by the market and those who do business indeed own some of the market. Is this will lead to a broader discussion? :)

  • spiker37 said Sep 4, 2006

    This is pretty much a chicken and egg sort of thing. However which come first does not really matter. Personally it is when you have an egg or chicken, what are you doing to get more chickens or eggs. The market exists since the begining of mankind. So who owns the market does not matter but what are you able to get out of the market. Markets is a place where the demand meet the supply. Have buyers, sellers will be there i.e. demand satisfaction, example groccery. Have sellers, new buyers will be created i.e. demand creation, exaple ipod.

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