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According to the description on the video clip on YouTube, this is the full GoDaddy Superbowl commercial that FOX refused to show.

In 2005, internet registrar made advertising history when its commercial showing a busty model struggling to keep her top on as she “testifies” before a group of politicians about the company’s advertising plans proved too hot for the Super Bowl. The spot was so racy and tasteless that Fox pulled it from its telecast of the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles before it was shown a second time.

Comment by viewers (Specially selected comments)

  • Only thing that was kind of funny was “Secure her! We don’t want any accidents” Lol but the rest was stupid and drawn out. No wonder they cancelled the second showing – XiaoXuo 4 years ago

  • Not funny, but damn she has a nice rack!!!! – nygiants0330 3 years ago

  • Think i juss had one LOLOLOL!!! Shit, i had this, but i never realised it wuz so insane! lolz – shamoni8 3 years ago

  • Fox censored a lot of the godaddy commercials.– mrdeleted 3 years ago

  • I cannot stress how perfect her boobs look. 11/10. – mistaunbeatabl 3 years ago

  • Not that funny it’s ok, I guess – dwhitner 3 years ago

  • I don’t see the need for this being censored at all. It is not any nudity or bad content. GoDaddy sucks anyways. I know so many sites that sell domains much cheaper than they do. – trav10852 3 years ago

  • This is stupid. I’m so glad it didn’t air on the super bowl. It wasn’t funny, it was just plan pathetic. GoDaddy always uses such unoriginal advertisements.. – Ehmaster2006 3 years ago

  • I love the old dude with the oxygen mask !!! – johndownunder 3 years ago

  • I know there was nothin to see at all but it was pretty hot – kingshine90 3 years ago

  • Hahah she leans forward and goes oh..sorry – effiemo0 3 years ago

  • That was just plain dumb. It would have been the stupidest superbowl commercial. PLUS godaddy sucks ass – l008comm 3 years ago

  • The guy at the end with the gas mask…thats too funny. – LordSchrader 3 years ago

  • Mmm… I like when she says, “Go daddy, go daddy, go daddy go!” And then shakes her ass… – TheJacolyte 3 years ago

  • The old dude went to go jack off after saying “excuse me” lol the “those are not real” was funny as well. – djicebling 3 years ago

  • I want to be that “garment”. – Qermaq 3 years ago

  • Funny how their holding up her shirt string – x1Zero1x 3 years ago

  • What is godaddy? – MarmanIsTheName 3 years ago

  • You can get web hosting domains from them – smalugu 3 years ago

  • I love how the female judge said…”those are not real….” – MachineKing1313 3 years ago

  • It’s obvious that companies are now deliberately doing ads that won’t be aired because they’ll get more attention on youtube, and they won’t have to pay for air time. – rob1111199 2 years ago

  • You guys are such idiots and marketers love how dumb you guys are. – nor3aga 2 years ago

  • All u need is a pair of tits these days to advertise because people are all dumb and they won’t bother reading about products they purchase. – Nenshati19 2 years ago

  • The best commercial EVER!!!! HAHAHAHA – rade155 1 year ago

  • Implying that the only people that register domain names are sexually frustrated geeks – FakeAdminBlarg 1 year ago

  • That was awesome. But I hate girls like that, a BITCH – lourke123 1 year ago

  • ”Secure her, we don’t wanna any accidents.” ”I think i just had one, excuse me.” lol classic – sonniehoodstar 1 year ago

  • WELL DONE! i just bought my first .com domain :) – MrAbufarida 1 year ago

  • You know something? I love this girl’s body. Very curvaceous! But I have to say…. I remember this ad when it aired. And seeing it now, 5 plus years later……I still think the same thing now as I did then……what a stupid ad!  Sexy, sure. I mean, I admit, I’d give anything to be able to dump a load in any one of her three openings But such a lame fucking ad just the same! – unconventionalmeans 1 year ago

  • This commercial was too funny. GoDaddy! I don’t use their service, but love the commercials.- NathanLee0921 1 year agoold guys almost having a heart attack –beastieboi24 1 year ago

  • Wow the guys with cameras can’t stop taking photos –TheMegadisturbedfan 1 year ago

  • I would love to “secure” her. – MrTerrificII 1 year ago

  • If i see this chick now i will give her a big and huge promotion – Mr30630479 1 year ago

  • hahaha women’s only weapon of power over men. mmm mmm good. lol – 2woball 11 months ago

  • Expecting a guy not to find this sexy is like expecting a woman to come out of the kitchen. It’s not going to happen. – charade3614 9 months ago

  • I like her credentials. I’m seriously considering for my website – ggarzamejia 9 months ago

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