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You and almost every seller of affiliate products are making the same mistake. When you promote a product from any affiliate program, who do you think is the one who really profits?

Your answer is most likely both you and the affiliate owner profit. After all, you earn your commission and the affiliate program owner gets the remaining profit from the sale of the product. Both you and the affiliate program owner make money.

This is not a bad arrangement except that you almost always loose your lead whether a sale is made or not. What this means is that you are forced to focus on a one-time sale and spend most of your time chasing new customers. Where you able to build a list?

In reality you helped build the affiliate program owner’s list. This is a list that you are not allowed to use. As an affiliate, you do not have access to all the names and email addresses of the customer that purchased the product that you paid to advertise. All you get is a short record of the transaction and the amount of commission you earned.

There are three outstanding disadvantages you are facing because you don’t have access to this list…

  1. It doesn’t give you any options for promoting other profitable affiliate programs to your customers.
  2. 2. It doesn’t allow you to sell a product you have created yourself.
  3. 3. It doesn’t allow you to sell any products you have purchased reprint rights to.

Like all the Internet Gurus say, the fortune is in having your own list that you can promote to over and over again.

Let’s suppose you got a very good conversion rate of 7% on the product you advertised for the affiliate program. What happened to the other 93% of the visitors that went to the sales letter and didn’t make a purchase? After all, you worked hard to get these potential customers to the sales letter, and you are just going to let 93% of these prospects leave with out a purchase.

In other words 93% of your work was a waste of your time and effort. By simply promoting an affiliate program and allowing the affiliate program owner to build their list and business while you LOSE out on thousands of dollars in profits because you didn’t maximize the benefits of your efforts.

This is the number 1 BIGGEST MISTAKE being made by most affiliates that is costing them THOUSANDS of dollars in profits. But the Internet Gurus keep telling you to build a list. But did you notice that even though they tell you to build a list, they don’t give you the tools or knowledge you need to build your list.

Finally revealed are the tools, codes, and knowledge you need to stop making the number 1 BIGGEST MISTAKE being made by most affiliates. All of these things are available when you Get The Affiliate Advantage at…

—————-A typical Affiliate Sales Method—————

In a typical affiliate sales method, which is probably the method YOU are using, you place an ad with the link to the affiliate site. Your potential customer clicks on your link to the affiliate owners sales letter. If the customer makes a purchase from the affiliate owners sales letter, you make a profit.

But if the customer does not make a purchase you don’t make anything. Plus, whether a purchase is made or not, any future contact with that customer is gone and you have to start the process over again.

—————-Now for Steve A. Yakim’s Power Affiliate Sales Method—————

The only thing that the typical sales method has in common with Steve’s Power Affiliate Sales Method is that you place an ad. But the ad that you place has a link to a capture page instead of the link to the affiliate owner’s sales letter.

The capture page records the visitor’s name and email address and offers a bonus to the visitor. This is where your list begins. Now, after the visitor’s name and email address is recorded, the visitor is sent to the affiliate owner’s sales letter.

If the visitor does not make a purchase while at the affiliate owner’s sales letter, your effort is not lost. You now have the capability to follow up with additional offers to this visitor because you have their name and email address.

Just because you have collected the visitor’s name and email address, the visitor can still be a potential buyer and may purchase from your follow up ad and still be a source for additional profits from other targeted ads you present to the customer.

To sweeten this whole plan is that when the visitor make a purchase you make a profit but you still have the customers name and email address and you can still use follow up offers. That is the best of both possibilities.

Now this is where everyone else’s sales method ends. But with Steve’s Sales Method you receive another very powerful tactic. You have spent time and money to advertise the affiliate owner’s product and the customer has decided to purchase or not to purchase the product and is leaving the sales letter.

When the customer closes the sales letter, he or she see an exit popup that you have placed there when the customer went to the sales letter. This popup directs the customer to the sales letter of one of your products or another affiliate program.

What this means is that you have now presented two different products for the same time and money as it cost you to formerly present the one product. You have effectively doubled your opportunity to make a sale with no extra cost or effort.

If you want to triple your production, you can add another popup to another product. You must be very careful not to abuse all of this extra power and put too many exit popups.

This Sales Method is very powerful and all the code and detailed instructions are available at…

You now have the power to send the customer anywhere you want. I will diagram Steve’s Affiliate Sales Method so you can see the big difference between the typical sales page and Steve’s Affiliate sales Method.

—————-How About a Live Demonstration—————

I will give you a live demonstration by using an affiliate program I belong to. In other words I do not have any access to the code on this sales page. I am going to use a sales letter from a well known marketeer Mark Saville. The product is called Network Responder.

This first link will demonstrate the typical sales method used by 95% of all affiliates. This link has been masked so my commissions cannot be stolen. This is put in the advertisement. Click on the link and it just takes you to the sales letter. If the customer purchases the product, you make a commission. If the customer does not purchase the product, you make nothing.

In either case you have no way to do any follow-up offers. So if the customer does not purchase the product your time and money it cost to get that customer to the affiliate owner’s sales letter is wasted. As you probably already know, this happens at least 93% of the time. Click on the link below and see what most affiliates (probably you) are doing.

Now you will see the difference when you use Steve’s Power Affiliate Sales Method. This is the link I would put in my advertisements.

This link takes you to my capture page where I collect the visitors name and email address. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, go ahead and fill out the form and hit send. After the email is sent, click on close.

You are then taken to Mark Saville’s sales page Network Responder. This is not just a demonstration, all the forms and sales letters are the real thing. If you have never heard of Mark Saville’s Network Responder go ahead and check it out.

As you will recall Mark has not installed any exit popups. But when you close
Mark’s sales letter, you will see my first exit popup, which is called Instant Boost.

If you want to Boost traffic to your website, check out this free Instant Boost Program. When you click on the link on the exit popup, you are taken to a sales letter that explains Instant Boost and how to get it for Free.

When you close the Instant Boost sales letter and the Instant Boost popup, you will find a second popup to the Profits Vault Monthly. Profits Vaults Monthly is a private membership site where you can earn residual income.

I could have added a popup for another affiliate program I belong to. Or I could have added a popup for a product that I have resell rights to. Or I could have added a popup for my new eBook “Get The Affiliate Advantage”. As you can see the combinations are endless.

You have the tools to take the customer wherever you want them to go. With Steve’s Power Affiliate Sales Method you are able to present more than one product with no extra advertising. I presented 2 extra products and did not spend any extra cash to do it. If the customer does not purchase the advertised product, he or she may like one or both of the other products.

The next day I can follow up through email because the visitor also signed up for my newsletter and sell one or two of my other affiliate program products as a backend sale. Then after a few more days In can sell one of the products I have resell rights to through email again.

Now you can see just how powerful Steve A. Yakim’s Power Affiliate Sales Method really is. Stop making the affiliates #1 mistake when you can get this Power Affiliate Sales Method at…

Wishing you much success online,

Steve A. Yakim

Copyright & 2003 by Steve A. Yakim – All rights reserved.

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